Wow…we need a camera!!

The inability to properly illustrate the blog posts right now is driving me crazy…need a new camera asap!!

We had an awesome time at Handmade Market in Beamsville…hoping to be back in Wine Country September 21 (my birthday!) and 22 for another market…this time in St Catharine’s.Check out their website at

We are super excited to be sharing a studio with the wonderful metal oddment artist k maclean at The Tremont! Still working on getting it set up, but loving being surrounded by the other great artists: Sue Miller, Peter Adams, Bonnie Dorgelo, Andrea Rinaldo, Kaz Jones, Joanna Alonzo, and Bryan Wall. Check it out

Also getting ready for Windsor Art in the Park June 2 and 3 in…you guessed it…Windsor!

We are very grateful to be part of some absolutely amazing events this summer…check out our schedule.

And…Made by Hand @ GivingTree Eco B & B outside Collingwood is a new co joint between Rogue Goat and Andy and Chai at Givingtree…save July 14 and 15 to come out for handmade awesomeness, Dj Danger Bay , Arkham Records vinyl sale. Please email us at if you are interested in participating.

Time for naked trampolining. That’s illustrative, right? 😉




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