Rogue Goat began in 2011 as a collaboration between husband and wife Josh Hill and Allison Billings, marrying scrollsaw craftsmanship with original acrylic paintings.

Josh died by suicide on September 6, 2022. His wild and elemental absence has required a reinvention of the work that was created by two people and now needs to be done by one. A “library” of Josh’s roots was created by taking rubbings of the last pieces he cut, rootwork that had evolved over 11 years and countless hours at the scrollsaw. These delicate graphite ghosts carry his hands and heart forward into the new work, now engraved into the wood by Allison. 


A form of sophisticated, contemporary folk art that is distinctly Canadian. Each piece is the distillation of a landscape defined by trees, with minor differences in form and perspective wielded to evoke different topographies. A limited palette and focus on contrast and texture work to convey a sense of place that transcends the figurative, while being identifiably in the landscape tradition. 

Rogue Goat is a proud participant in the Canadian maker movement, and the work is heavily influenced by the landscapes travelled through while attending juried events and festivals across Canada.

2016 Best 2D Art, The New Arts Festival, Ottawa, O

2015 People’s Choice Award, Circle Craft, Vancouver, BC

2014/2015 Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Arts Council

2014 Gold Award for Craft Excellence, Circle Craft, Vancouver, BC

2011 Best Booth Award, Summerfolk, Owen Sound, ON


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Joshua Daniel Hill July 5, 1983 ~ September 6, 2022

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