Where to Find Us

Rogue Goat is available year round at:

New location opening January 1, 2018 in Wiarton, Ontario!


November 30 – December 3 Butterdome Craft Sale, Edmonton, Alberta

19 thoughts on “Where to Find Us”

  1. I’m really regretting not buying the 1350 beautiful piece at the Winnipeg folk festival with the gold leaf moon. I see that you’re coming to Vancouver for circle craft. I will be there with my chequebook! I’ll be bringing friends. Gunny Tennese

  2. I really really loved the darker shade of blue you used in it. I’m sure it looks fantastic in Montreal! Can’t wAit to see what you bring to Vancouver! Gt

  3. Where were you?! Visited the Calgary Art Market today, $ in hand, excited to pick my first Rogue Goat piece, and you weren’t there 😦

    1. Hi Cheri! We really regret not being able to be in Calgary, it’s such a great show…and sorry we missed meeting you.
      We are completely sold out of work right now, but when you are ready to purchase, send us an email and we will cover the shipping for you to make up for not being there!

  4. Hi
    Will you be doing The Spring One of a Kind Show?
    My sister in law has one of your pieces and I am Sooooooo jealous!!!!
    I’m saving my money so I won’t be arrested for stealing hers!

  5. I saw your work at the Winnipeg Folk Fest and it has left me with an ever ending impression. I would love to commission a piece. Can you please let me know how to get in touch personally so that we can begin the creation of my piece?
    Thank You

    1. Hi Carole! You can email us at roguegoat@hotmail.ca or message us through our Facebook page. We take commissions from now until May, and then not again until late August, for a very brief window until late September. We also take a limited amount of commissions for each time period so can fill up.
      Thank you!

    1. Hi Anne,

      No…we go out west at that time of year and simply can’t make enough art to do one OOAK as well. The studio is open this Saturday between 11-4 for a preview of the west coast collection, if you are available. If not, we will have work available in Ontario starting in January 2017.

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