Where to Find Us


We are currently working from home, just as we did in our early years. It is a strange adjustment, after years of having separate studio space. As life continues to adapt to the pandemic, so will how we bring Rogue Goat to you.


One of the real griefs of the pandemic for us is how it has affected the core joy of Rogue Goat-ing…hitting the road, jumping on a plane, meeting you. It’s still uncertain what 2021 is going to look at, but we are hoping to be in Edmonton in May.

2 thoughts on “Where to Find Us”

  1. Hello,
    My husband and I just saw one of your pieces at a spa in Calgary and loved it! Do you have any pieces currently for sale in and around the Calgary area?

    Thanks so much for your time

    1. Hi! I love that set!
      We don’t have work in Calgary, sorry. But we do ship and it’s not terribly cost prohibitive. We release new work on social media, so please follow us on Instagram/Facebook. We have a few pieces coming out next week and then a larger release end of November.

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