Commissions are a great choice for those who want to be part of the creative process, have specific ideas they would like incorporated, and/ or have a specific size that is ideal for their space.









The Process

The first step is deciding upon the right size and vertical or horizontal orientation. Sometimes this is determined by the dimensions of a space in your home, other times your budget intersects with what you would like to see in the piece to suggest your ideal format. In all cases, contacting us at roguegoat(at)hotmail.CA with your budget & space details is the first step. It helps enormously if you can also go through our past work and send screenshots of pieces you love... it really helps us define your personal aesthetics. 

Once the size is determined, we send you an invoice for a 50% deposit, including taxes, excluding shipping that can be paid via a secure interface by most major credit cards or by e transfer. The deposit is NOT refundable, but is transferable. Meaning, if you don't love the piece we complete, you don't have to complete the purchase but are committed to working with us on another one. Its never taken more than twice!

Combining the size requirements of your piece, the ideal contour for the landscape elements you desire and your preferred wood tones, we select several planks for you to choose from via photograph. Once you choose your wood, we create a rudimentary layout sketch for your approval and get to work.

Throughout the process, we check in with photographs to make sure we are on track.Upon your acceptance of the final photograph, shipping details are finalized and invoice for the final amount is due prior to shipping.

Please note that all commission communication is done through email due to the need to send photographs back and forth.


Sizes under 24 x 36 inches are sent Canada Post Expedited Parcel, with an average cost between $20-$40. Over that size, our preferred shipping method is West Jet Cargo, average cost $75-$125, which necessitates picking the piece up at a major centre. If you require direct shipping, quotes will be generated individually. We have never had a damaged shipment, but in the event your piece was damaged, we would simply repair or replace and bear the return shipping expenses.


Commissions closed for 2017. Details for 2018 to be released mid December.