Cabbagetown Arts & Crafts Sale , September 9-11

We will be participating in the Cabbagetown Arts & Crafts Sale this weekend, September 9-11, in Toronto. It’s our first time at the show and whoa! After taking the summer mostly off, getting ready for a show in the midst of getting one kid off to first year university and the 11 year old back to school…well, feels a whole lot like we have never done this before!

Check out the details and full list of incredible artisans at the link below.

One of a Kind Spring Show, Booth F11, March 23-27, Toronto! 

Our favourite return to show life after the long winter- sleepless nights of prep, racking self criticism, booth painting and building followed by five days of talking more in five days then we have in the previous three months! 😜

Our new collection features some truly stunning pieces of wood, new experiments with black and gold, flowers, and square formats.

Come visit!


We are a Forest 

  “This is “the halfway tree”…it’s on the Trans Canada highway, halfway between Manitoba’s two largest cities. We met in Brandon 21 years ago, and now live in Winnipeg. So no matter what, it’s halfway to “home”. We love it so much, we put some of it in our wedding rings.” 
~ Nicki Bruce and Vickie Milliken, two super lovely folks we met at Winnipeg Folk Fest.

One of the most rewarding things about travelling around Canada selling tree art, is the stories about trees we have heard from visitors to our booth. 

So many of you have deep connections to a special tree in this country. From trees with historical significance like The Golden Spruce (sadly departed) in BC, to ones with solely personal significance like Nicki and Vickie’s…the one in which your childhood swing hung, under which you had your first kiss, the one that meant you were almost home. 

Those stories inspired a project we will be working on this year called “We are a Forest. We will be travelling to each province and territory (well, still trying to wrap our heads around including Nunavut) looking for these special trees, experiencing them in person, and creating an installation that represents this amazing country through its stories of trees. 

And we need your help to find those trees, while we gather materials that signify the history and culture of the people surrounding the tree along the road. 

We would love to hear your tree stories, either posted here, tagged on Instagram or sent to us at We will be using the tag #weareaforest for the project. 

East coast! We are planning on a whirlwind trip from late April to mid May to find your trees. 

Ontario! Anytime between now and June.

Everything westward, including the Yukon and NWT…early July through August.  

Each story chosen to represent it’s province or territory will receive a little tree gift from us as a thank you. xo

Join us for a solstice screening of “All the Time in the World”, in support of Lifeline Syria 

At the Simcoe Street Theatre, Collingwood, ON

December 21, 2015 Doors at 6:30/7:00 Showtime

Free with donation to Lifeline Syria.

With the generous support of the Simcoe Street Theatre.

Please email us at to reserve your seats!

In today’s Globe and Mail Style section 

Full article here…

Thank you to Gillian, the talented, beautiful brain behind Pip Robins, for “introducing” us to Lisa Mesbur.

Find her in Booth A11 at the Christmas One of a Kind Show, Toronto or at

Our first contest…from gratefulness to generosity 

Our first contest! 
In the midst of the craziness of the holiday show season, we are struck by two things. How overwhelmingly grateful we are for the life we lead creating art and travelling throughout this amazing country. And how much that contrasts to those currently fleeing terror on a hard road to freedom ,whose safety has been torn from them. 

We would like to help. We must.

We will be doing two initiatives to help, one an event and one a contest. More details on the event later. 

We would love for you to help support the World Food Programme’s Share the Meal program. Smartphone users outnumber hungry children 20:1. It’s an easy and safe app you download to your phone, to support feeding a hungry child for a day, a week, a month, a year. 

When you make a donation (we would suggest supporting a child for a minimum of one week…it’s less than $5!) between November 23- 27 at midnight, please send us an email to (.ca NOT .com) in the “Tell your friends” step in the Donation App, with your name in the subject line. Then tell us you donated by commenting on our post on Facebook.

We will draw a name from the submitted emails for a free commission of ANY of our standard sizes, including shipping in North America. So, if you went big, this is about a $3000 prize. 

Being grateful and being generous makes the world better. Period.

There is no need to “share” our business page, but please…share the “Share the Meal” app. 


Fall Commissions 

Fall always feels so much more like a transition to a “new year” than January 1 does!

My favourite season is generally my most creatively inspired, which is fortuitous as it’s also our most intense season of making.

We have seven weeks of creating before we head west for another adventure. We are exceptionally thrilled to be back at Circle Craft in Vancouver again. Not only do I love the city, but the show is lovely, from director Paul Yard, to the staff of the supporting organization Circle Craft, to our fellow artisans and incredible clients. 

This year we have a 25ft booth frontage!!! Booth real estate being what it is, it’s a luxury that we haven’t considered before and are so very grateful for. Salon hanging our work, with very little visual space between, is a reality of big work in small spaces and needing to make a living. But this show we will be able to present our work in a more gallery like style…so excited!

With seven weeks of making and an already considerable list of commissions, our capacity for making is almost filled. We can facilitate a few more requests, but no later than October 1. Please email We may take two more making weeks in December as well, but this is your most reliable request period.

The start of making season is always commenced with wood buying…among fabourites like walnut and maple, we have spalted beech, spalted elm and mulberry that we have never created with before…such incredible texture and contrasts.