Groundhog Day

* IMPORTANT! Due to the number of recent snow days, the school artwork pick up day has been rescheduled to Wednesday, January 30. Please have artwork to the office by 3pm for pick up. All artwork, participation certificates and any awards will still be returned on Monday, February 4. Thank you! 

If you have visited the studio (or listened to our stories when visiting our booth!), you know that we have a very unusual and quite famous studio mate…Wiarton Willie!

This year we are hosting a children’s art show, Groundhog Day! A Wondrous Winter Exposition, on February 1 (12-8 pm) & February 2 (9 – 5 pm) in the studio during the Wiarton Willie Festival. Any child aged 4 – 13 can enter. Groundhog art plus kids plus prizes! Yay!

Young artists can create their work at home, at school OR attend one of our FREE Groundhog themed art classes!

The free art sessions will be

January 26 10-12pm and 1-3pm

January 27 1-3 pm.

You MUST register for these sessions by calling 705.888.8625 or email Ages 6-12 only for the art sessions, or 4-5 accompanied by a caregiver.

Here are the categories;

Theme 1. Habitat 

Prompt – Groundhogs love to dig and make cozy homes in the soil called burrows. They like to build burrows near hedges or woods that are close to wide open grassy fields so they can find lots to eat. 

Create a picture that shows Willie enjoying a groundhogs natural environment, or, use your imagination and create an amazing new home for him! 

Theme 2. Signs of Spring. 

Prompt – When Willie’s prediction of a long winter or early spring comes true, what are some of the real signs that spring has sprung? What do you think Willie would like to wake up and see? Robins? Daffodils? The snow melting? 

Create a spring scene that Willie wakes up to. 

Theme 3. Portrait 

Prompt – Official portraits are often created of important public figures to honour their contribution to community and preserve history. Animal portraits can realistic or they can show features of anthropomorphism, which is what it’s called when we attach human qualities to animals. An animal could be wearing clothes or doing an activity that people would. 

Create a portrait of Willie! 


  1. Entries must be a maximum of 16×20, landscape or portrait orientation. 
  2. Each entry must have an entry form attached to the back. (You can fill this out at the studio when you drop it off!)
  3. Entries should only have the artists’s first name and last initial visible. 
  4. Entries can be dropped off to the studio January 26 from 9:30-3:30 or January 27 11:30-3:30 pm
  5. Entries will be returned to your school, if submitted there, on February 4. If entries were submitted at an art session or directly, they can be picked up on February 3, 12-3 or by arrangement.
  6. A prize will be awarded in the primary( JK-3) junior (4-6) and intermediate grades (7-8) for the pieces representing; best use of colour, best composition and best use of imagination.