Commission Process

Custom work begins with knowing what size and what orientation (portrait or landscape) you wish your piece to be.

Some people start with an idea of budget, others with a particular place in their home in mind, others with a piece of ours they would like a version of.

A $250 deposit is due upon booking the commission. A further 50% of the balance is due the 1st of the month you are assigned, and then the balance must be paid upon approved completion, prior to shipment. If we complete the piece, and you don’t love it, you aren’t obligated to pay the balance! We simply try again & if you don’t like that version as well (which has never happened!) we will return your money.

We work only with the standard board dimensions listed.

Sizes can be combined to form dyptych’s, tryptych’s etc. This a great option where a length greater than 5ft is required (the maximum Josh can cut) or where flexibility in hanging is desired. We design all sets so that each individual piece works independent of the others.

If you aren’t sure what size is best, get in touch! Certain sizes lend themselves better to illustrating different landscapes and perspectives. Taping paper cut to size up in your space is a great way to visualize what will work best.

Shipping is via Canada Post or Fed Ex and ranges from $20- $150.

All dimensions in inches on 1.5 inch profile boards, plus applicable taxes & shipping.

6 x 24  6 x 36 6×48 8×8 12 x 18  12 x 24 12 x 36 12 x 48  12 x 60  18 x 18  18 x 24 18 x 36 18 x 48 18 x 60  24 x 24 24 x 36  24 x 48 24 x 60 30 x 40 30 x 60  36 x 36 36 x 48 48 x 48 48 x 60  16 inch round 24 inch round 36 inch round

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