Custom work begins with knowing what size and what orientation (portrait or landscape) you wish your piece to be.

Some people start with an idea of budget, others with a particular place in their home in mind, others with a piece of ours they would like a version of.

The 2018 Price list is below. Please note we do not do some of our sizes as commissions and that we work only with the standard board dimensions listed.

Sizes can be combined to form dyptych’s, tryptych’s etc. This a great option where a length greater than 5ft is required (the maximum Josh can cut) or where flexibility in hanging is desired. We design all sets so that each individual piece works independent of the others.

If you aren’t sure what size is best, get in touch! Certain sizes lend themselves better to illustrating different landscapes and perspectives. Taping paper cut to size up in your space is a great way to visualize what will work best.

Once it’s determined what size suits your vision best, a 50% deposit is due. We send an invoice for this payable by e transfer or credit card. The deposit is non refundable. But…should the piece we make not be what you hoped for, we will always try again until we get it right. We have never not hit it right on the second attempt, and almost always the first!

From this point, we really start tailoring a perfect “ingredient” list for you. A great place to start is with screenshots of past work you have loved of ours, or with a landscape photograph you absolutely love. A successful commission hinges on communication, (which is always via email or messenger), so never be afraid to ask questions, or make comments or suggestions!

Choosing the wood is in the next step. Let us know what species of tones you prefer; light, medium, spalted, dark. Love bark? Let us know! We do our best to source a fantastic, unique piece that both suits your vision and that we can work with (we can only use wood that is a certain thickness and dryness). Sometimes the perfect plank eludes us for awhile, but it is always worth the wait!

We send you a selection of photos to choose your wood from, and then the work begins, first with approving a very rudimentary layout sketch of major elements. It requires some imagination to connect the sketch to the finished piece!

From there, we check in at different stages. Once you approve the final photograph of your piece, the final balance is due and shipping arranged.

Shipping is via Canada Post ($30-$50) or West Jet Cargo ($80) depending on the size. Large pieces sent by air must be picked up at a major airport. We strongly recommend this method as there is less handling and it’s available same day. We can arrange delivery of large piece to your door but it is more expensive.

If you are interested in a commission, please email us or send a message via FB. Big, horizontal commissions (60″) have very limited availability and we do fill up quickly at certain times of the year. We will not be doing commissions September through December or March through June.

If your commission is to be a gift, please allow at least THREE months preparation time prior to the preferred delivery date.