Care Instructions



All wood is carefully finished with multiple coats of a three part mixture of polyurethane, tung oil, and boiled linseed oil.

The wood does not need any further treatment and the roots can be carefully vaccumed out from time to time, being careful not to touch the nozzle to the wood.

Please note that on some pieces, the bark may loosen or pull away over time. This is easily remedied by a little super glue, but contact us if you would like us to do that for you.



Epoxy Polymer to be precise, does not like direct sunlight. Our pieces use a UV treated epoxy which stabilizes the ambering nature of resin, but you should still protect it from direct sun for prolonged periods of time. Should your piece amber to a degree that you do not like (this should take years and years btw), please contact us. We can refresh the painted and resin ed part of your piece.

The resin finish is extremely durable. Simply clean with a moist, clean, microfibre cloth. If something drastic happens to it, contact us. We can re coat.

I love wavy old glass, the show of age, the mark of handmade. The resin is applied with this in mind..I like the ripples, drips and viscous, tactile quality of it. Our resin surfaces reflect this imperfect character.

Creative exploration and craftsmanship

To our knowledge, we are the only artists combining these materials (wood, resin, acrylics, reclaimed, chiyogami etc) in this way. We are very careful to only use properly cured wood, with a low moisture content, ensuring the most stability. We have carefully researched the use of both wood and resin. The pieces are mounted on kiln dried birch panels.

We have taken all steps to ensure that the craftsmanship of your piece parallels the artistic vision. But should something untoward happen with your piece…maybe the humidity where you live affects the wood and in turn affects the board…tell us! We are so very proud of Rogue Goat and want you to be too.For as long as you own it, we stand behind it.

4 thoughts on “Care Instructions”

  1. Hello! Seen you at the Folk Fest in Edmonton and purchased one of your bracelets (Received so many compliments on it) I am kicking myself now that I didn’t but a piece off of you at that time and curious as to what your shipping costs look like? I am thinking of purchasing a piece for a gift for a 30th anniversary party for september. Can you tell me what the time frame would be for shipping and costs and how you ship it. thanks!

    1. Hi Kelly!
      Shipping costs largely depend on the size of the piece, and range from $10-$40 for pieces under 3ft and from $100-$200 for pieces over 3ft up to 5ft.

      Just email us at with your preferences and budget and we can go from there. Thank you!

  2. Interested in talking to you about doing a commission piece. Saw your work at Edmonton folk fest and fell in love. I have large walls and so even a trio might work. Not sure how to start the process or even if you are doing any custom pieces.

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