Each piece begins with a fantastic piece of live edge wood…maple, hemlock, walnut and butternut are common favourites. The wood is delicately cut with root systems on the scroll saw. Each tiny little feeder root is painstakingly crafted following the natural grain and character of the wood, no two are ever the same.

Work displayed below is sold and is very out of date! Note that we no longer use a high gloss epoxy finish.

Please follow along on Instagram or Facebook for regular updates. We create collections for upcoming shows and online releases. We do not presently work with any galleries or shops.



4 thoughts on “Art”

  1. Hello,

    I am interested in buying 1-2 pieces of your artwork. Are you still selling them right now and are you able to ship them to Calgary or Toronto?


    1. Hi Jaimie! Thank you for the message. We are making a serious effort to get back to work in November, but are a little caught needing proper studio space. We can absolutely ship and will have pieces available soon. A few pieces next week and then a bigger batch late November. Social media is the best place to follow us for updates!

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