Rogue Goat is a collaboration between Josh Hill and Allison Billings, marrying scrollsaw craftsmanship with original acrylic paintings.

A form of sophisticated, contemporary folk art, the work is distinctively Canadian. Each piece is the distillation of a landscape defined by trees, with minor differences in form and perspective wielded to evoke different topographies. A limited palette and focus on contrast and texture work to convey a sense of place that transcends the figurative, while being identifiably in the landscape tradition.

Each piece falls from the unique characteristics of the live edge wood, which suggests the contours of the scene the paint illustrates. Various media are incorporated to play with the seen and unseen layers that compose the natural world and to allude to the life cycle of the wood itself.

Rogue Goat is a proud participant in the Canadian maker movement, and the work is heavily influenced by the landscapes traveled through while attending juried events and festivals across Canada.

2016 Best 2D Art, The New Arts Festival, Ottawa, ON

2015  People’s Choice Award, Circle Craft, Vancouver, BC.

2014, 2015  Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Arts Council

2014  Gold Award for Craft Excellence, Circle Craft, Vancouver, BC

2011  Best Booth Award, Summerfolk, Owen Sound, ON

10 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Josh and Allison – I picked up a necklace and bracelet from BM art centre and love them!! I receive many comments about your creations and direct them to the shop to get their own. One of my friends, who owns a shop in Barrie that features local artisans took notice of the bracelet and wanted to know more about you – would you be interested in connecting with them? I think you both have FB and I can connect you to each other there if you would like to get into another shop


  2. I was at your sale in Calgary and you had a skinnier picture with a copper moon that someone was looking at buying. I had to leave but wanted to know if it had sold. Please let me know.

    1. Hi Tasha!
      We are in the process of transferring our website to a platform that will facilitate an online shop. There will be a shop update of available work on December 10 (primarily under $125) and then another later in the month. Shop update previews and notice dates will go out in our new monthly newsletter…you can sign up on our website.

      Thank you!

    1. Hi Barbara! We don’t have anything currently available but will be releasing the upcoming order & Commission process for the next cycle in the next few days. Basically, beginning May 15 we will be responding to particular inquiries that will be divided into two streams…those wishing something in a certain size/budget that is basically a remix of a previous piece of ours & then those wishing to truly customize the piece and have input in each step, for which there is an extra fee. Each stream requires a deposit that must be paid by June 1.
      The earliest we can have a piece completed for a wedding is approx June 15.

  3. Hello, I have taken a trip to Calgary and Edmonton Canada, I saw a couple of your wonderful pieces. Unfortunately I am not able to attend any of your shows, I live in Vancouver, Wa, am I able to purchase a piece of your art work on line?

    1. Hi Merry! I’m so sorry for the delayed response…my notifications were off! 😦

      We could def. ship a piece to you, when we have some available. Could you email us at roguegoat (at) hotmail.ca? (.ca not .com!)

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