Our first contest…from gratefulness to generosity 

Our first contest! 
In the midst of the craziness of the holiday show season, we are struck by two things. How overwhelmingly grateful we are for the life we lead creating art and travelling throughout this amazing country. And how much that contrasts to those currently fleeing terror on a hard road to freedom ,whose safety has been torn from them. 

We would like to help. We must.

We will be doing two initiatives to help, one an event and one a contest. More details on the event later. 

We would love for you to help support the World Food Programme’s Share the Meal program. Smartphone users outnumber hungry children 20:1. It’s an easy and safe app you download to your phone, to support feeding a hungry child for a day, a week, a month, a year. 

When you make a donation (we would suggest supporting a child for a minimum of one week…it’s less than $5!) between November 23- 27 at midnight, please send us an email to roguegoat@hotmail.ca (.ca NOT .com) in the “Tell your friends” step in the Donation App, with your name in the subject line. Then tell us you donated by commenting on our post on Facebook.

We will draw a name from the submitted emails for a free commission of ANY of our standard sizes, including shipping in North America. So, if you went big, this is about a $3000 prize. 

Being grateful and being generous makes the world better. Period.

There is no need to “share” our business page, but please…share the “Share the Meal” app. 



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