Fall Commissions 

Fall always feels so much more like a transition to a “new year” than January 1 does!

My favourite season is generally my most creatively inspired, which is fortuitous as it’s also our most intense season of making.

We have seven weeks of creating before we head west for another adventure. We are exceptionally thrilled to be back at Circle Craft in Vancouver again. Not only do I love the city, but the show is lovely, from director Paul Yard, to the staff of the supporting organization Circle Craft, to our fellow artisans and incredible clients. 

This year we have a 25ft booth frontage!!! Booth real estate being what it is, it’s a luxury that we haven’t considered before and are so very grateful for. Salon hanging our work, with very little visual space between, is a reality of big work in small spaces and needing to make a living. But this show we will be able to present our work in a more gallery like style…so excited!

With seven weeks of making and an already considerable list of commissions, our capacity for making is almost filled. We can facilitate a few more requests, but no later than October 1. Please email roguegoat@hotmail.ca. We may take two more making weeks in December as well, but this is your most reliable request period.

The start of making season is always commenced with wood buying…among fabourites like walnut and maple, we have spalted beech, spalted elm and mulberry that we have never created with before…such incredible texture and contrasts.


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