The NEW One of a Kind Online Shop launching May 2014

We are super excited to be launching our first ever, much asked after online shop presence with the new One of a Kind Online Shop, launching May 2014. Check it out here

To be begin with, the shop will carry a new 4 x 6″ size (exclusive to OOAKonline), priced at $50 and perfect for cottage warming gifts and our 6 x 12″ , a perennial favourite for wedding gifts, as well as a few under 36″ sizes. All original, all one of a kind.

OOAK is a formidable marketing entity, and partnering with them through shows and the online shop is nothing but goodness. We have always wavered on the Etsy thing, mostly bc for a long time we were in the woods with dial up, and the post office is my nemesis. A person of considerable organizational skills, I am often thwarted by the mail. THWARTED!!!

I was nerve wracked at the idea of orders awaiting responses with lagging internet, then days of intervening hostile weather, moats dug around the post office. But then  I thought…oh, we could choose ONE shipping day, and stick to it. So…Monday’s we ship.

The other thing I really love about OOAK online is that it is solely North American handmade goods, and that it is juried. Those things matter to me, that community matters to me.

Yip, yip.

This morning I wrote a letter in the wee hours, sipping tea, watching rabbits dance in the newly snow free back yard. Spring.Yes.xo

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