Babies and business go together like nuclear holocaust and birthday parties….

Or something like that.

This is Taryn, our little goat (he’s a Capricorn).He is a splendid little beast to cohabit with, but is also fabulously time consuming. Definition of hubris- thinking that as the new baby is not the first baby, that it will be easy, and that juggling other kids, full time math-y studies, and business with the mesmerizing gaze of you wee sleep sucker will be done with aplomb and perfect outfits for all.

Ahhh….chagrin. While it is indeed less like swimming underwater during a panic attack then I recall previous babymoons…there is actually no more time in the day. Who knew?

So…my 2012 review blog post remains undone, the website remains un updated, show applications are being sent in at the last minute,   production remains slow, and our outfits while generally decent, are accessorized with baby puke.

So be it. Life is awesome.

The new work is our best..stay tuned for pictures.The website will be updated this week.And I’m going to straighten the artwork in the photo RIGHT NOW.



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