New Studio at The Tremont

Ahhhh…sweet, sweet studio bliss. We are fully set up in our beautiful little finishing studio inside The Tremont in Collingwood, ON. The Tremont is a lovingly restored 19th century hotel…bought from the Town by private restorers and developers Rick and Anke Lex, and turned into a jewel of a building, now housing 8 artist studios, the Bay School of Art and The Tremont Cafe (as well as residences on the third floor).

The Tremont is located at 80 Simcoe Street, Collingwood, ON and open to all…just come on up the stairs and one or more of the second floor artists will welcome you.

Fellow Tremont artists include Bonnie Dorgelo, Andrea Rinaldo, Peter Adams, Jenn Wilkins, Kaz Jones, Suzanne Jarvis, K maclean and Bryan Wall.

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