Rural Internet Blues

Winter peeled back its blankets from the ground and it felt like a coat of lead paint got stripped from our souls…its all shining through now.Except for our continuing struggle with the internet. Dial up sucks.

We want to show you all our splendid wares, like  a cat bringing home a bird, but our camera is pooched and the spinning wheel of upload death wins, wins, wins. Patience is not my virtue.Things I think about while the photo uploads:

  • The dog is pregnant again. BIGGGG pregnant. Teenage son ” How the hell did you guys forget to get the dog fixed?” Good point.
  • Women are tricksy.
  • A proper English upbringing has many merits including emotional distance, good vocabularies, a tendency to travel or emigrate resulting in living distances away from family, and marginal familial contact, often related to the former.
  • That I should write my father a letter.
  • How irritating people on Facebook are.
  • How irritating some very particular people on Facebook are.
  • Beets
  • What the hell the dog is doing now.
  • Trying to decipher what Josh is saying in his sleep.
  • Trying to stop the creeping feeling that something is watching me through the windows.
  • Accepting that now I  and the family are about to be slaughtered and that I should finish this one post and then go wake Josh and  gently tell him it was all worth it but now Trailerman is coming to get us.
  • That I will likely trip over my dog in the dark, stand on the pregnant one while getting into bed and then have to kick the small ugly one off my side.
  • That life is pretty awesome.

Here’s a few shots of our new Rogue Goat hip bags…

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