Sniffle, sniffle, please come soon Spring!

We are the house of sick. We rotate sick. We are a chorus of sniffles and whines. It is an angry, self pitying chorus at times, but surprisingly, we have all mostly been pretty positive. Pretty positive indeed considering that February has sucked in some fairly major ways.

We had to cancel on our first show ever because we were sick. We have a lot of erotic sock monkeys if you want to come over later.

The downside of being self employed and sick is there is no one to do your stuff for you, so sometimes it falls apart a bit.

The upside is that there is never really anything bad about being snuggled up together (and together may mean two, or sometimes with some kids, and usually all three dogs), drinking vats of tea, indulging all cravings and watching movies. No matter how sick.

In between snuggles we made our forays to the studio, Josh to the saw, me to the sewing machine.

I love our new bags…we now have a felted line, the tie bags, and the patchwork vintage wool tweeds.


Have I ever mentioned that my husband is AWESOME!!?!!! I so love that I can vaguely mention an idea to him, and he makes it happen.

We use old windows and doors for display all the time…and keep refining our displays. I had the idea that I wanted to make a display case for Southampton Art Gallery out of old doors, with industrial hardware. Actually, I wanted a bed headboard and a stool first, but business first.

Josh’s mum found some solid old doors down the road, and the rest Josh cobbled together from bits and pieces we had lying around. Not one purposefully bought component in the whole thing ( we did have all the screws and hardware on hand. Two old doors, some scrap pine, a very cool old barn board, a junky handmade rack from the garage and a crappy piece of chipboard from an old wall unit…plus some twigs.

I so loved the patina on the old doors, but as it was for the gallery , where a lot of competing aesthetics have to get along, plus likely to be a slight disapproval of the flaking, likely lead based paint, we decided to white wash in my favourite white.

I love, love, love it.

A final word, on this final day of a bitch of a February…

” I like being bored. It means you get to go around hating everything.” Raiden, Age 7 ( home on a snow day today after almost two weeks off school being sick, and a very cogent explanation of why he has been so goodnatured about it.)


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