Owen Sound and Festive Sperm

We will be at the Grey Roots Museum in Owen Sound tomorrow from 11-4. Come see us!
We also just got word that we have been accepted for the last full membership at the Owen Sound Artist Co op. We really enjoyed being a guest artist in October and are excited to set up next week and get involved.Big thanks to Hazel Lyder, Peggy Moore and Shelley Strong…with sure to be more great people to meet.:)
Nothing quite says Merry Christmas like sperm , right? RIGHT?
This is Josh’s favourite new design, debuted at First Light, and this particular beauty is already sold.We met interesting sperm loving people…one school teacher had sperm tattooed on his arm.Watching parents responses when their kids pointed at the buckles and yelled “Look mommie, fishies”, was awesome. The Christmas spirit is upon us and we feel “tadpoles of Christ” would be a lovely term.

We do have some more sperm buckles and pendants this weekend, and then at our last show of 2012, Movies and Makers in Toronto on December 17.

Obviously, at no point, does anything in either of our heads suggest that perhaps we should edit what we say here. Ever.

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