Welcome to the machine…

Making, more making, budgeting for materials, paying attention to kids,kids having snow days on days on the day you needed to produce a lot, kids needing to eat,  trying to be friendly to customers on very little sleep, packing, unpacking, tagging, inventorying, more making, trying to remain calm,likely having a crying fit or two, driving, driving, driving, making, dreaming about making, remembering to have clean clothes for shows, talking to your dog about why you don’t have time too cuddle, making time to cuddle because you feel guilty, making, making, making.

Big hugs and hearty pats on the back to all our artisan friends out there doing it. Special love to those at One of a Kind Toronto, and your long days, crazy crowds and massive work put into just being there.We are so looking forward to visiting you on our day off.

Crazy love to all those staff and volunteers facilitating fine art and craft events, bringing handmade to you.

Tonight’s the last night of First Light…try and make it. We can’t even begin to tell you how very truly unique this event is. We’ve had so much fun being part of it.

If you are in Collingwood, check out their first ever night time Santa Claus parade. Our stuff at the Arts Centre (163 Hurontario St.) will be restocked early next week. We are excited and a little freaked out to tell you almost our whole inventory there sold out in the past few weeks. Please drop in and support the other artisans, have the best latte you have ever had down at the Espresso Post, and enjoy downtown Collingwood.:)

Thanks to everyone for making Rogue Goat possible. Our sales figures are almost three times greater then we anticipated right now. Thanks for liking us. Thanks, thanks, thanks, love, love, love.

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