And sometimes magic…First Light

I don’t like Christmas.  I’m not so much a grinch about it as I prefer to avoid it. I don’t like the politics of who goes where that comes with split families, I can’t stand the gift giving mania, I abhor the tackiness and consumerism. Ok, kind of grinchy.

When I was a kid I went through three major Christmas phases 1. Everything hand made and all natural (8 – 10 years), Everything all white ( 10-13) and 3. Studied avoidance (13 onwards.) I’ve come back to it over the years kind of like the way people often keep coming back to religion, looking for other , for magic.And always left again.

Its the nature of the beast that Christmas consumersim is a keystone of economic success in our business. And the hustle, the tinny music, and the crass tinsel is already getting to me.But….what about the magic side?

I’ll argue until I’m dead that a seed of belief in the unbelievable, in hope…in magic against the odds…keeps some of us sane, and fuels some of us to  create ( How much I hate the word “creative” another day) .Christmas seems to tap that, its an accessible spiritual spinal tap dressed in red and white (or just white if you are tasteful). 😉 And yes, the cynic has to say the spirituality is all about the dollar spent…but….

Every year for about five, my mum would bundle us all into the car on a dark night, and drive into the woods near Midland, Ontario. There, a beautiful , quiet, wooded valley filled with millions of twinkling white lights awaited. Cars would drive up, and people stand pretty quietly at the edge of the ravine. No music, just the creaking of trees , the shuffling feet, a car driving off. That was magic. That was the meaning of it all…light in the depth of darkness, a bright welcoming of the long winter months to come. Thats magic.

So…we can’t wait for next week!! We were one of 20 artisans chosen to be featured at First Light, a fabulous, unique, MAGICAL event at Ste Marie Among the Hurons, just outside of Midland Ontario. Ste Marie is an amazingly well re created 17th century Jesuit  and Huron Indian habitation.And, for three nights next week, it will be lit solely by candlelight. 3000 to be exact.Come.

Check out these photos of the event

Speaking of music, I have to post this. I actually love Christmas songs, traditional ones, not remakes. My favourite to sing as a kid was actually allegedly written at Ste Marie Among the Hurons, The Huron Indian Carol. I’ll admit though, in trying to sing it to Josh recently, its hard to sing ” The Mighty Gitchi Manitou sent angel choirs instead” with a straight face. I’m guessing I liked the minor chords.Anyway, listen to Matt Andersen sing “O Holy Night”. This my friends, is f*cking Christmas music.Big man, big voice, big f*cking Christmas carol. (Because Christmas is for emphatic cursing too.)

And lastly, some amazing pictures of the new Rogue Goat wall Art by Bohdan Chreptak, Available at the Espresso Post in Collingwood, Ontario. Oh, and Josh says hi.:) He “approves” these before I post them . Mostly he reads, chuckles and tells me he loves me. Its nice.


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