Fall changes and new goats and chickens

September always seems way more like the start of a new year to me then January…more changes, more expectation and the loveliness of starting to nest for winter. In that vein… Josh built a chicken coop on my birthday which we stocked with our first flock.Silly silkies and Rhode Island Reds. And then this morning we got a set of twin Nubian/Dwarf goats…Piss and Vinegar. And…the dog should have her first litter of Labernese puppies anyday. AND …we bought a beautiful, industrial mixer …first step in our no more store bought bread, fresh loaf everyday plan. The wood from our sustainably harvested, horse power logging operation Arbor North arrives on Monday. We are topped up with wood and wool and fabrics to make, make, make. We couldn’t be happier.Really.

We are also looking forward to some show announcements in the next few days…some little ones, some offbeat ones, some cool ones and a big one.

We will also be launching our online shop next week…and this is the last week Rogue Goat will be at Store 54 in Collingwood. Its been fun, any young entrepreneur should check out the program and talk to Devaki if you are interested. The store is topped up for the weekend, but then…off and away!

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