Things that are awesome about today…

1. There is something about the quality of light in mid August that is like a phone call ahead from autumn…a “Hey, I miss you, will come visit soon” heads up. I love it.

2. Someone changed the school sign outside the Beaver Valley Community School to say ” Have a happy hummer dads”. This is funny. Sometimes things like this are enough to redeem my faith in humanity.

3. Hindle’s Hardware. Where you can find nothing without asking for it, but somehow this piece of history, a throw back to when the hardware store was a village well of needing and fixing, somehow…it reclaims the very basic goodness of just talking to a person. In this case, the person is James Hindle who loves his many treasures.He took us through the back sheds and explained all the different bits and pieces and what he would do with them if he “got the time”.He hand built a hand cart and made his own company logo on the back with a mosaic of dogwood. He had a piece of plum wood “that comes up just beautiful”. He had a huge four inch thick centre cut plank of seasoned , storied wood that he would sell us for $15. He lit up when asked his name and offered a handshake.

4. While in the back in James’s wood cutting area, Josh noticed a baby woodpecker, perched on a plank at hip height and staring steadfastly at the sky. I was about six inches away from the woodpecker, he furiously blinked but resolutley stared at the sky. This, if anything I have ever seen, is a perfect visual illustration of faith.Or cloud watching. Or avoidance tactics.Its a perfect illustration of SOMETHING.

5. Being married.

This our display at the L E Shore library in Thornbury. Though unrelated to today being awesome, it is related to us.

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